About us

Rysya ( is pronounced as Raa-IY-Saa ) means adaptable, easy-going. Rysya Skin Care was incorporated and established in 2014.

Rysya Skin Care was born out of Pn Noorazlina’s passion for nutrition and her drive to empower all women to look young and love their skin. Officially launched in May 2015, we are proud to offer truly innovative formulations with luxurious textures and exceptional beautifying and youthful results.

RYSYA is proudly Malaysia  owned and is made with love and care in Malaysia. We combine cutting edge plant science, 24K Gold and  Colloidal Gold  to bring you safe, effective and luxuriously sensuous formulas. 

At RYSYA we are passionate about creating natural and effective skin care. We strongly believe in empowering women to embrace the beauty of ageing naturally with grace, style and a little bit of attitude.

We focus on delivering results by improving skins health & vitality, so it’s far more resistant to the ageing process. We encourage our customers to faithfully follow our simple, fuss-free skin care routine to achieve a healthy radiant complexion. 

We provide incredibly effective products at affordable prices that are luxurious to use and beautifully packaged. Our products are designed to enhance your natural beauty – we want to revitalise, nurture, protect & maintain your skin. The healthier your skin – the more resistant it is to the ageing process.

Our dedication to beauty is based on a three pronged approach: 






All of our extracts are incredible potent and availability of bioactive vitamins and antioxidants. When applied to the skin in skincare products these nutrients:


           -offer sun protection

            -aid in skin lightening

            -have an anti-inflammatory effect

            -are exceptionally hydrating

            -provide superior skin conditioning  


Our products are formulated with love and conscious intention. We make fresh batches on demand.